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    Views:173 Writer:ZHENYI Date:2021-11-12

      Shenzhen Kankun Chemicals Co.,Ltd.is a Chinese company invested by Hong Kong. For a long time, we specialize in the sales and service of high-end auxiliary materials and related equipment in the electronics industry. We provide customers with silicone adhesive products and professional technical services for electronic appliances. We have a professional sales and technical service team. Provide customers with solutions for all aspects of the entire industry chain, such as bonding, sealing, heat conduction, electrical conductivity, module potting, circuit board coating, semiconductor packaging, and LED packaging. In the large electronics and microelectronics manufacturing industry, we have rich experience in solutions and services. We are committed to helping customers increase productivity and reduce costs. "Extend equipment life" and increase the added value of the industry.


      Zhenkun Chemical has joined hands with world-class multinational companies `with professional service `sincere reputation` and is willing to become your trusted partner forever.