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AF - H1000 fingerprint proof oil

Color: colorless,
Specification: 1 kg
Features: super smooth anti-fingerprint fluid
Application: apply to touch screen display glass panel

Product overview Application performance Usage method Technical

   The af-h1 (AF - H1000) glass nanofingerprint oil is a high-end anti-fingerprint coating agent.
Using high grade raw material configuration, it is colorless transparent liquid, and is suitable for glass, metal, ceramic, plastic and other material, with waterproof and oil anti-fouling prevent fingerprints, fingerprint proof glass oil nano coating is made up by fluorine groups and silicon group of nano coating.
Its surface tension is tiny, and it can be flattened instantly.
The watch is fast, saves the time cost, the operation is convenient and so on.
Mainly applied to touch screen display glass panel.
Product features
Reduce the attachment of fingerprints and various stains and improve the ability to wipe clean
Excellent antifouling. Hydrophobic
Form a transparent anti-fouling film that does not affect the appearance of the product
Chemical adsorption, permanent wet (no reflux)
Excellent waterproof and anti-fouling effect (fingerprint effect)
Avoid scratches on the surface
The thin coating retains the optical properties of the substrate itself
Low friction coefficient and high quality
The surface forms a complete molecular structure with excellent adhesion
Application scenarios
Mainly applied to touch screen display glass panel.
Medical device touch screen, bank touch screen, mobile computer touch screen, toughened glass, digital camera touch screen, car glass, clock and so on.
The performance parameters
Method of use
Before applying the painting, the oil and liquid moisture on the bottom of the workpiece must be wiped clean
Apply a small amount of undusted cloth to the surface of the workpiece.
Not too much, or it will cause a layer of grease on the surface of the workpiece.
3. The curing: constant temperature baking 150 ° to 30 minutes
Test the glass to cool the glass。



Dangerous category: non-hazardous material
Invasive approach: eye/skin contact, inhaled
Health hazard:
Eye contact: exposure to the eyes does not cause serious irritation.
Skin contact has an effect: it does not cause serious irritation to the skin in the product.
Inhalation effects: inhalation does not pose health hazards unless the product is overheating and decomposing.
The effect of feeding is that it is not a possible approach to the product.
Environmental hazards: may be harmful to aquatic environment
Explosive hazard: -