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We are looking for the foreign trade commissioner

2020-11-27 11:31 Source: Thunder

We are looking for the foreign trade commissioner
Position: foreign trade commissioner
Recruitment department: silicon glue business
Number of people: 1 person
Where to work: shenzhen
Job responsibilities:
1, familiar with the operation of alibaba and made in China platform, operation b2b platform, can upload, update, and skilled management products, effectively increase the exposure and inquiries, and keep the shop timely response rates and good credit;
2, have good customer service consciousness and strong ability of public relations, to understand and explore customer needs, provide customers with quality service, to guide customers purchase smoothly.
Job requirements:
College degree or above, major in international trade and business English.
More than one year working experience in the relevant field of foreign trade, familiar with the operation process of the whole foreign trade, can independently follow the orders, and be familiar with the purchasing process.
Fresh graduates are also acceptable, flexible, and focused on development. We can cultivate and develop together.
3, the work is organized, independent and has certain innovation consciousness, initiative;
4, English university level 4, have 6 level certificate person first.
Fluent in spoken and written English, familiar with OFFICE software.
5, with good work ethic and personal accomplishment, strong work 6,enthusiasm and responsibility, have team spirit
Be good at thinking and analyzing and communicating.
The company provides fair competition mechanism and broad promotion space, we expect you to join!!
Work address:
Thunder industrial park, building 6, shiao second industrial zone, longhua district, shenzhen city, GuangDong province
Guang Dong Thunder Intelligent Equipment CO.,LTD.
Telephone: 0755-23040303
Email: zzb@chengerxun.com


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