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The af-6,500 plasma coating equipment

Color: customizable
Specification: a
Features: control precision and efficiency
Application: glass screen cleaning coating

Product overview Application performance Usage method Technical

    Our small AF coating equipment (no plasma machine) model AF6500 - DM, customers pay for the equipment is low, it can realize on-line spraying, improve the processing capacity, reduce labor costs.
Equipment using 600 mm drive design, processing of 0-600 mm width size of products, meet customers' various product model of switch, increase equipment processing capacity point contact transmission of high pressure spray processing, reduce fouling rate of products, improve product quality.
Product features
Using German imported high pressure nano atomizer spray head, the nozzle adopts high pressure and low pressure atomization, and can air pressure air pressure, make the liquid molecules more delicate,
It does not affect the effect of the potion
The flow rate adopts constant supply flow system, which ensures that the liquid is stable and constant flow, not the wave line feed, the maximum degree
To solve the phenomenon of white fog.
The coating thickness is within 10 nanometers, reducing the friction coefficient of the membrane surface and increasing the smooth surface of the membrane surface.
Application scenarios
The main application is for the glass screen cleaning and coating.