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Dow corning DC160 irrigation sealant

Color: grey
Specification: 24.9 kg/pail
Features: no solvent no smell no heat cure
Application: filling power supply connector sensor industrial control...

产品概述 应用场景 性能参数 使用方法 技术支持

The "DC160" is A two-component package consisting of two parts, A and B.
The A group is grey, and the B component is yellowish, so that they can be identified and checked for A complete mix.
When two to 1:1 fully mixed by weight or volume, experience mixture solidified into the flexible elastomer, the product is suitable for use in electrical/electronics potting and sealing.
Product features
General properties: no solvent, less smell, and heat curing
Product usage: bi-component
Solidification properties: additive solidification
Thermal properties: low temperature stability and high temperature stability
Compatibility: plastic, polyester, ceramics
Stability: anti-oxidation, water resistant, heat resistant, ozone resistant, uv radiation application
Application scenarios
Dao corning DC160 irrigation sealant for ordinary irrigation.
Such as power supply, connectors, sensors, industrial control, transformer, amplifier, high voltage resistor, relay electric/electronic products such as potting and sealing.
The performance parameters

Method of use
Pretreatment: the surface of the irrigation should be cleaned or degreased.
Glue: use manual or automatic equipment to mix A and B in proportion (weight ratio).
In the case of the gas mixing, it is necessary to take 5-10 minutes of degassing in the vacuum under the 10-20mm column, and the time to take off the gas should be extended.
Place the sealing parts to the top and place them in the top, and then pour in the sealant and self-flush.
Solidification: the temperature of the product is solidified, the heating can accelerate the solidification, and the temperature is completely solidified in 24 hours.

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Professional adhesive technology solution please click for consultation
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