Plasma cleaning ink spraying equipment

Anti-Fingerprint Coater

AF1003-600 is a shaker high-end AF ink equipment which USES rotary ion design to clean the workpiece before coating to reduce the impurities attached to the workpiece itself and adopts point-contact transmission high-pressure spraying processing to

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Product overview

Summary of the equipment
        AF1003-600 is the high-end AF ink equipment of the shaker. It adopts the rotary ion design, cleanness treatment of the workpiece before coating, reducing the impurities attached to the workpiece itself, and point contact transmission high-pressure spraying processing to reduce the product contamination rate and improve the product quality.Can achieve online spraying, improve machine productivity, greatly reduce costsCan achieve online spraying, improve machine productivity, greatly reduce costs.
Characteristics of the equipment

1. With the function of incoming material identification, through the intelligent program design of the photoelectric sensing function, when the material reaches the identification area, the equipment will automatically start the operation and automatically close without the material, reduce the ink waste and the plasma function loss, have the effect of high efficiency and energy saving, and can effectively extend the service life of the equipment.
2. With the ink flow intelligent control system, the device can set the ink flow and weight detection function, according to different customer quality requirements to set the value of ink flow, the system can automatically control the oil output per minute and spray uniformity according to the set value, can effectively ensure the consistency and stability of each piece of the production of spraying.
3. With spraying intelligent anti-sluggish system, the system can freely set the spraying ink flow tolerance, when the equipment is running, spraying flow deviation within the tolerance range, the system will automatically identify the alarm or stop processing function, can effectively prevent batch quality defects.
4. Single servo motor is used in the conveying line of the equipment to make the conveying more stable.
5. Alarm prompt can be displayed on the display screen and automatically stop the device. Alarm prompt can effectively prevent batch quality defects (e.g.
6. The device is equipped with wireless keyboard and mouse, which greatly facilitates the operation of operators.
7. The equipment added statements and records query, and stored the data of potion and output in the last two months for easy query.

The performance parameters

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