AF8200-800 Dual Nozzle Four Plasma Coating Machine

Anti-Fingerprint Coater

AF8200-800 is a new generation of high-end plasma spray coating equipment of our company. It uses four plasmas to clean the workpiece before coating to reduce the impurities attached to the workpiece itself so that the glass surface and the film will

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Product overview

  AF8200-800 is a new generation of high-end plasma spray coating equipment of Wozheng Instrument. It uses four plasmas to clean the workpiece before coating to reduce the impurities attached to the workpiece itself, so that the glass surface and the film can react with each other, and improve the bonding of the film. The firmness improves the aging resistance and friction resistance of the product, and makes the coating quality higher.

  Compared with the AF8000 series, the cleaning area is larger, the efficiency is higher, the productivity is increased by 10-20%, and the medicine is saved by about 10%.

  All profiles are made of 6061 aviation materials, and the surface is electroplated, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance and prolongs the service life of the equipment. The optional colors (champagne gold, rose gold) make the equipment taller.

  Equipment features, advantages and applications

  1. Equipped with a high-pressure to low-pressure atomizing nozzle imported from Germany, which can be pneumatically with zero air pressure, making the liquid molecules more refined without affecting the effect of the syrup. The flow rate adopts a constant flow supply system to ensure that the syrup is a stable and constant flow, rather than a wave line type The flow can solve the white fog phenomenon to the greatest extent.

  2. The nozzle speed can reach 1.2m/s, which greatly improves production efficiency

  3. We can provide the best solution for the carrier plate, which is cheap, light in weight, and quick to cool down. Matching with the corresponding equipment can minimize the problem of backside plating and backside white spots.

  4. Our company has its own equipment R&D department and coating production line. The feasibility of the equipment structure and process can be verified directly, ensuring that the dosage and efficiency of the equipment are the best ratio in the industry.

  5. With incoming material recognition function, through the intelligent programming of photoelectric sensor function, when the material reaches the recognition area, the equipment will automatically start the operation, and it will automatically shut down if there is no material, which reduces the waste of liquid medicine and the loss of plasma function, and has high efficiency and energy saving It can effectively extend the life of equipment.

  6. It has an automatic alarm and fool-proof system for low air pressure. When the air pressure is lower than the set air pressure, it will automatically alarm and shut down to prevent poor batch quality due to low air pressure.

  7. The alarm reminder can be displayed on the display screen and automatically stop the equipment. The alarm reminder can effectively prevent poor batch quality (such as: plasma alarm, low air pressure alarm, spraying fluid is too low, spraying fluid is not operating within the set range)

Application scenarios




usage method

  Measurement environment requirements:.

  1. Ambient temperature: ≤30℃

  2. Relative humidity: ≤65RH

  3. The water for the water contact tester must be distilled purified or deionized water

  4. The coated glass must be chemically tempered glass

technical support

  Seismometer after-sales service hotline: 138 2332 2786

  Warranty period: The machine is guaranteed for one year after acceptance. If there is a malfunction during the warranty period the company is responsible for free maintenance (excluding consumables) except for the following conditions:

  △It is not used in accordance with the operation specified in the manual.

  △The failure factor is due to natural disasters (such as earthquakes lightning strikes floods fires etc.) power abnormalities or other accidents.

  △The abnormal environment has been tested by our company and notified to the customer without correction.

  △ Repair maintenance adjustment movement or reinstallation not performed or agreed by the company's personnel.

  △Customers install products from non-original manufacturers or use consumables and components from non-company suppliers.

  Warranty conditions

  In accordance with the correct use of the operating instructions the following period of warranty is provided.

  Warranty time 1 year warranty except for consumables.