Seismometer glass cover plate automatic repair combination line solution

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  In today's electronic society, glass display cover plate and glass display screen have become the core information interaction terminal media between people, people and things and things. With billions of people around the world, a steady stream of new products enter the market and reach consumers every day. Conversely, there is a steady stream of products that are being damaged and scratched. Especially for glass products as interactive media terminals, under the output situation of such a large product density, it is inevitable to encounter knock, spray, scratch, scratch and other situations. The cost of just changing is high, and users will not buy products with scratches. In this case, the repair of partial scratches by manufacturers has become the top priority for the benign development of enterprises.

Seismometer glass cover plate automatic repair combination line solution

  Into different market environment, the scratch rate will be different, but you can guarantee that each market must add up to a large amount. In fact, scratches on glass display products will not only appear in the use of the above, but also in the production link, similar problems will inevitably occur. So in such a large volume, if the use of manual repair, production costs have become higher, while the output has not kept up.

  In this case, Seismoscope stock provides a combination line solution for automatic repair of glass cover plate for this type of enterprise, in order to help this type of enterprise achieve a strategic policy of reducing cost and increasing efficiency, so that enterprises can increase their core competitiveness and promote the sound development of enterprises. So what is the solution of glass cover plate automatic repair combination line of seismometer?

  The program mainly adopts four kinds of equipment:

  1, grinding repair machine

  The use of professional CNC system control, effectively improve the processing speed, and processing accuracy. The research and development of grinding machine is mainly designed for mobile phone, flat cover glass, display module, touch screen and the whole machine, repairing and polishing the local or whole surface scratches.

  2, HF8000-83D cleaning deplating machine

  Hf8000-8 3d cleaning and deplating machine is divided into 4 groups, each group uses 2 Taiwan technology 1000W plasma intelligent power supply, a total of 8 plasma multiple combination cleaning, and the electrostatic removal system as an auxiliary, cleaning area is divided into pre-cleaning area, primary cleaning area, cleaning area and fine cleaning area maximum area. This machine adopts Taiwan jet discharge plasma technology, mainly relying on the "activation" of corona active particles in plasma to remove stains on the surface of objects. Through the principle of plasma cleaning reaction: the inorganic gas is excited to plasma state; The vapor phase material is adsorbed on the solid surface; The adsorbed group reacts with solid surface molecules to form product molecules. The product molecules are analyzed to form the gas phase. Promote the reaction residue from the surface, to achieve the product clean as new.

  3. Af9800-800 repair machine

  Af9800-800 repair machine can meet the requirements of 2D.2.5D.3D glass large curved surface CG bending Angle of 90° AF coating process, the glass side radian surface and surface cleaning, the equipment produces plasma particles with high energy, such as ozone, peroxide, free radicals and even ultraviolet, can clean the surface of the object, modify and adjust the surface properties of the product. This equipment can produce 3.5 "~ 32" 3D glass large curved surface (CG bending Angle of 90° is also available) cover plate, module, TP and other products of AF coating.

Seismometer glass cover plate automatic repair combination line solution

  4. Multi-layer oven

  Multilayer oven is our company research and development of multilayer free combination, each layer of work independently, suitable for small baking products for many times, this equipment use the computer control panel, precise temperature control of time, small error range, timing end buzzer alarm, panel inside various parameter Settings can strengthen the function of panel, meet all kinds of different operation environment, By its suitable for your company display module, touch screen many batches of small repair.

  The above is the equipment needed for the automatic repair combination line solution of glass cover plate of seismometer stock. Seismometer stock can provide you with different solutions according to the special requirements of the products you need, the products to be repaired and the site. Please contact us if you are interested in the solution of seismograph's automatic repair assembly line.

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