HUAWEI Smart Screen V98 officially released, AG anti-glare screen, no fear of reflection, clearly visible

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  As the editor of Seismic Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of AG anti-glare spray coating equipment, I am particularly excited to see the AG anti-glare smart screen V98 released by Huawei. It is not afraid of reflections and is clearly visible. This is the anti-glare tape. It's good, so let's take a look at the smart screen V98 released by Huawei?

       HUAWEI Smart Screen V98 officially released, AG anti-glare screen, no fear of reflection, clearly visible


  Original title: Huawei Smart Screen V98 with HarmonyOS 2 is officially released

  On July 29, 2021, Huawei officially released its first 98-inch smart screen product. As Huawei’s largest new smart screen product to date, Huawei Smart Screen V98 focuses on scenes such as family movie viewing, family communication, home entertainment, sports and fitness, and is equipped with HarmonyOS 2, bringing smart functions such as smooth connection, super terminal, and smart reminder. Innovate a new way of family life with wisdom.

  Giant screen experience: AG anti-glare, distributed audio to create a shocking audio-visual feast

  In terms of appearance, Huawei Smart Screen V98 adopts a full-screen design, the overall visual effect is simple and generous, and the metal texture is full. Based on the traditional wall and base installation methods, it also supports the installation method of floor stand, and the floor stand adopts hidden elegant cable management. Ways to meet the needs of different family living room patterns.
       HUAWEI Smart Screen V98 officially released, AG anti-glare screen, no fear of reflection, clearly visible


  HUAWEI Smart Screen V98 is equipped with AG anti-glare screen. The surface is treated with frosted material. When outdoor sunlight or roof spotlights shine on the screen, it will diffuse the light in the form of diffuse reflection, which can avoid the occurrence of "dazzling" when watching. The visual effect is better, the human eye is more comfortable, the viewing angle and brightness of the screen are higher, the screen is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, bringing an immersive visual experience, and you can also enjoy giant screen watching at home.

  At 22:08 on July 29, 2021, Huawei Smart Screen V98 will be available for pre-sale. At 00:00 on August 12, 2021, Huawei Smart Screen V98 will be fully available for sale through online channels and Huawei Experience Stores, October 2021 Users who activate online before June 13 can receive 3 months of Huawei Video Gold Membership and Huawei Music Membership for free, and enjoy more high-quality audio and video content. At the same time, Huawei Smart Screen S Pro 55 will also be officially launched at 22:08 on July 29.

  In terms of picture quality, Huawei Smart Screen V98 uses a 120Hz high-swipe 4K screen, and cooperates with Huawei's fast and smooth technology to compensate the low frame rate video intelligent dynamic interpolation to 120 frames, so that the moving picture is not easy to freeze, and the wonderful moments are smoothly presented. -Inch large screen makes the viewing experience more immersive. With this year’s European Cup, the America’s Cup and the Olympic Games, consumers’ requirements for home-watching equipment continue to increase. In intense sports competitions, athletes often need to respond within a short period of time. Compared with the ordinary 60Hz refresh rate screen, the 120Hz high refresh rate of Huawei Smart Screen V98 can effectively solve the problems of stuttering, residual image, and tailing, making the picture more stable and smooth, and watching sports events clearly without missing any details.

  In addition, Huawei Smart Screen V98 uses a direct-lit matrix partition backlight system with 192 partitions. With the Clear Light Control Pro technology, the brightness of each frame can be adjusted to further improve the contrast of the picture. The backlight makes the picture details more vivid. Realistic; at the same time, it supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut, which can easily control the display of different source types and color spaces, and the colors are more rich and moving.

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  After seeing the officially released AG Anti-Glare Huawei Smart Screen V98, the editor is still quite excited. The technology and functions adopted are impeccable. Maybe many friends here will ask us AG anti-glare spray equipment manufacturer, how is this anti-glare film made? What equipment is needed for AG anti-glare? , If you want to know more, please pay attention to the editor of Seismic Instrument, I will bring you more wonderful knowledge!

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