Mercedes-Benz's new sports car has a reversible touch screen to prevent glare

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  [Smart Car News] Nowadays, large touch screens are commonplace in new cars, and the larger these rectangular screens are, the less things the driver can do with hardware, thus truly distinguishing them from competitors. Perhaps this is why in the new 2022 AMG SL Roadster, Mercedes takes the screen out of the dashboard, fixes it on the center console, and makes it flip up and down electronically.


  That's right, Mercedes-Benz's latest car has a reversible screen. The company stated that it designed the 11.9-inch vertical touch screen in this way to help combat glare-after all, the AMG SL Roadster is a convertible-but it's obviously also a gorgeous expression technique, as if to say, "Hey , We did something different from Tesla."

  The new AMG SL (parameter | picture) Roadster (parameter | picture) is also equipped with a digital instrument panel that is slightly different from other models. The 12.3-inch screen behind the steering wheel is hidden in what Mercedes-Benz calls the "aviation-inspired" "visor". Basically, it is a screen embedded in the dashboard deeper than normal. Of course, it helps fight glare.


  The shift from cars to larger screens places great emphasis on software, which is why automakers from Polestar to Ford are turning to tech giants like Google for help. The use of a reversible screen is an interesting idea for Mercedes-Benz.

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