To protect the "screen", they "rolled up" on a piece of glass!

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  Original title: Tulin Technology Vision|To protect the "screen", they "rolled up" on a piece of glass!


  With a "cang-dang" sound, the moment the phone screen was broken, countless people were bleeding in their hearts: repairing the screen could range from a few hundred to several thousand. The anti-drop performance of the screen has therefore become an important indicator for users to choose a mobile phone. In order to make mobile phone screens less fragile, the main body of the industry chain has focused on a piece of protective glass in recent years. The large-scale use of this glass as a cover for mobile phones began with Apple, and was quickly popularized on other brand models. Through the improvement and breakthrough of technology and craftsmanship, in the past two years, various main bodies have developed or launched many new anti-fall products. What are their advantages?

To protect the

  High-entropy glass: record-breaking hardness and modulus

  A high-entropy glass developed by the team of the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has recently been exposed. According to reports, high entropy is the name of a new type of material system in the fields of alloys and ceramics in recent years. It breaks the design concept of traditional materials and has received extensive attention in the fields of metals, ceramics and intermetallic compounds. The researchers introduced the design concept of high-entropy materials, adding titanium oxide, zirconium oxide, and other components that can change the microscopic coordination number into the glass to form the main body of the glass. This oxide high-entropy glass is said to have broken The recorded hardness and modulus, as well as excellent fracture toughness and good visible light-near mid-infrared waveband transmittance, have important potential applications in the field of cover glass.

  Super porcelain crystal glass: 4 times the drop resistance

  The super-ceramic glass panel, which claims to be "stronger than any kind of smart phone screen glass", is a dazzling configuration in the iPhone 12 series released in October last year. According to reports, this nanocrystalline glass-ceramic mainly uses super The high-temperature crystallization manufacturing process embeds tiny ceramic nanocrystals in the glass matrix. The interlocking structure of the crystals helps to deflect the cracks. Then the ion exchange technology is used to strengthen the glass, which essentially enlarges the ion size and makes the structure stronger. In this way, the glass will be more tightly combined, can resist scratches and scratches, resist daily wear and tear, and increase its drop resistance by 4 times. In addition, it is splash-proof and water-resistant, allowing the phone to stay underwater at a depth of 6 meters. Up to 30 minutes, the obvious disadvantage is that the transparency is not as good as ordinary glass.

  Gorilla Victus Glass: Keep it intact when dropped from a height of 2 meters

  Victus Glass, released globally in July last year, is Corning’s latest generation of environmentally-friendly aluminum-silicon tempered glass. Corning improved the formula and further strengthened the aluminosilicate glass, which greatly improved the scratch resistance and drop resistance of Victus glass. According to laboratory tests, Victus glass can be dropped from a height of up to 2 meters to a hard and rough surface to remain intact, while other brands of aluminosilicate glass are usually damaged when dropped from a height of less than 0.8 meters, which is larger than that of Corning's sixth generation. The drop resistance of Gorilla Glass has been increased by 25%. The first domestic brand mobile phone equipped with this cover glass is Xiaomi 11.

  Which of the above types of glass is better for the "screen" installation remains to be further tested and compared by the market. However, in addition to innovative breakthroughs in technological processes and excellence, quality is one of the key factors that cannot be ignored if new cover glass products want to gain large-scale recognition in the market. Before the glass is used in the cover of the mobile phone, it has to go through multiple manufacturing processes, and it is inevitable that various small flaws will be produced, and the existence of the flaws directly affects the quality. Incorporating a number of original technologies such as industrial vision, optical systems, and electromechanical control, Turin Technology has launched a variety of integrated soft and hard mobile phone cover glass intelligent testing equipment, which can help manufacturers increase the yield rate of cover glass in the manufacturing process, and guarantee The quality of the products from the factory can meet the market's demand for high-standard cover glass.

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