Glass companies respond to the call of Industry 4.0 to build a smart factory for spraying process automation production lines

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  In the glass manufacturing industry, many glass products need to be processed with protective oil spraying, anti-fingerprint coating, anti-glare coating, and anti-reflection processes. And in these processes, many companies want to get rid of problems such as high work intensity, low production efficiency, a lot of labor, unstable coating quality, poor uniformity, and waste of syrup.


  To this end, as a 10-year automated spraying production line solution provider, Zhenyi Co., Ltd. provides high-quality automated spraying production lines for this type of glass companies, including protective oil spraying process automated production lines, anti-fingerprint coating process automated production lines, and anti-glare coating process automated production lines As well as the AR process automated production line, diversified automated production lines, we are committed to providing customers with suitable non-standard customized automated production line solutions.


  These diversified process automation production line solutions can help this type of enterprise solve the problems of high work intensity, low production efficiency, more labor, unstable coating quality, poor uniformity, waste of liquid medicine, etc., Zhenyi shares can provide comprehensive feeding -Plasma cleaning-spray coating-IR baking line-plane cleaning-plasma cleaning-blanking and assembly workshop needs solutions, production lines, equipment, etc. can be provided for you.


  In order to completely change the current situation of these glass manufacturers, most glass manufacturers are looking for a way out. How to make glass spray coating efficient and ensure the safety of employees has become the core of the development of such enterprises.


  Now more companies have begun to respond to the call of Industry 4.0, build smart factories, realize the intelligent and digital development of enterprises, build automatic production lines for protective oil spraying processes, automatic production lines for anti-fingerprint coating processes, automatic production lines for anti-glare coating processes, and automation for antireflection processes Automated production lines such as production lines make enterprise product production more environmentally friendly, efficient, faster and safer, which will bring a qualitative leap in the development of the enterprise.

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