On the Importance of Anti-fingerprint Function in Consumer Goods Industry

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  my country has become the largest online retail market for 8 consecutive years, and in 2020 our total retail sales of consumer goods will reach 39.2 trillion yuan. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of the consumer product market, the consumer product industry has become more and more dependent on the application of anti-fingerprint coatings, and the application has become more and more extensive.

On the Importance of Anti-fingerprint Function in Consumer Goods Industry

  And nowadays, the demand for consumer products (such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and wearable devices) in various emerging markets around the world is growing in a way we can't imagine, and it also promotes the application of anti-fingerprint coatings in the consumer product industry. It has also become more in-depth and extensive. For example, Samsung's anti-fingerprint patents, Apple also has anti-fingerprint patents, and various mobile phone smart wearable brands are also launching anti-fingerprint coated tempered glass to protect consumer electronics products. Anti-fingerprint is the development trend of consumer products in the future, and it is also a necessary function for the development of research and development products.

  In recent years, the term "anti-fingerprint" has become a hot topic in the entire smartphone industry. More importantly, the combination of 3D glass cover + anti-fingerprint has become a major selling point for smartphone brands. In fact, it is now in the consumer goods industry. The anti-fingerprint function is actually relatively common, but you don't know it. Maybe the mobile phones, earphones, smart watches, tablets, etc. you use now have anti-fingerprint functions. The application of anti-fingerprint coatings in the consumer goods industry has slowly integrated into people's lives. Consumer goods industry manufacturers make products that are anti-fingerprints. It is already imperative.

  Zhenyi shares can provide you in the consumer goods industry with anti-fingerprint coating and automatic anti-fingerprint product spray coating equipment and whole-line process solutions and services.

  In addition, electronic manufacturers are increasingly using anti-fingerprint coatings, which has contributed to the growth of various markets. It also shows that in today's era of rapid development, whether the product has fingerprint resistance is particularly important.

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