Tips for sticking to glue

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Tips for sticking to glue
Now, a lot of glue binder is used for grouping, and it can be quite tedious to use.
Here are some tips for the glue that you can use:
For the adhesives of AB, please match the instructions in the match.
The adhesive for group AB should be thoroughly stirred before using.
You can't stay dead, otherwise you won't solidify.
Be sure to clean and clean, not water (except for underwater solidification).
To achieve high adhesion strength and to be as polished as possible,
The joints are designed for good and bad, and the intensity of the bonding is determined.
When the adhesive is used, be sure to be present with the present, and the time is too long, for example, if it is fast solidified, it should not be more than two minutes.
If want strength high, solidify fast, see its circumstance heat, when coating glue, unfavorable too thick, generally with 0.5 mm to be good, the thicker the adhesion the effect the worse.
When sticking to an object, it is best to press or clamp.
For higher strength, the best place to stay is 24 hours.
Single group of solvent or water dosage form, must be mixed evenly when used.
After applying the solution to the solvent, it is necessary to cool down to the less viscous hand for the adhesive.

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