3D glass cover plate coating efficiency is low how to do? It is better to change the "play" method with the shaker spray machine!

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  As the boss of an enterprise, do you often hear feedback from employees that the coating efficiency of 3D glass cover plate is low in the production process, the qualified rate of the product is unstable, the defect rate is high and so on, but I don't know what to do? Especially after the epidemic in the past two years, many enterprises relying on manual production are faced with recruitment difficulties. The rate of talent turnover is high, and new recruits need training. The production efficiency is always difficult to raise.

3D glass cover plate coating efficiency is low how to do? It is better to change the

  For this problem, Small series Rogen will tell you a palliative and root cause method, Say No to low productivity, low efficiency, low quality control!

  1. Adjust the proportion of artificial production

  Labor is definitely a large cost, especially when the market demand for 3D glass cover plate is so large, the most effective way to improve production capacity. Is to increase production personnel, which in the enterprise management link is a temporary link, especially in this difficult environment, the enterprise transformation of intelligent production (vibration instrument shares intelligent spraying machine), is a key enterprise to adjust the proportion of artificial production.

  2. Reduce production transfer rate

  As a coating enterprise of 3D glass cover plate, we all know that there are several process processes for coating 3D glass, and the transfer of these process processes will lead to an increase in the production cost of the enterprise. Seismograph shares can provide you with the whole line of 3 d glass plate solution, to help your production from the expected blanking can realize complete finished product output, no transfers among, from feeding, plasma cleaning, dry, spray coating, baking, blanking and so on, and can according to the requirements of more technology supporting plan, small occupied area, increase the rate of material flow and the production efficiency, etc.

  3. Enhance the industrial added value of enterprises

  It can help enterprises improve their market competitiveness, accelerate the process of realizing industry 4.0, and help enterprises realize intelligent and digital production in advance.

  With the rapid development of industrial Internet, more enterprises are developing towards the goal of intelligence and automation. Blindly rely on artificial production is not a long-term solution for the survival of enterprises. Might as well try intelligent spraying coating machine vibration meter (manufacturer), as a fast to implement the intelligent of the coating equipment, can meet the production capacity of enterprises, but also better adjusted the enterprise technical personnel allocation, can better make enterprises better advance the concept of development, the implementation of the technology of high efficiency and innovation synchronously, is fully staffed. Therefore, change the "play" method, 3D glass cover plate coating to choose the vibration instrument, intelligent spraying machine is the best way to achieve efficient coating.

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