"The light of domestic goods" - seismometer shares to achieve a real sense of the "brand" development

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  Glass industry spraying coating process is nearly ten years, is always the attention of glass manufacturers, especially electronic products glass application manufacturers is to regard it as the core development goal. For glass spraying and coating process equipment, seismograph is the first domestic glass spraying and coating equipment localization of the leading brand.

  As the leading brand of glass display spraying for 10 years, AF9000 plasma spraying coating machine has been adhering to the user experience as the center. The function and ease of use of AF9000 plasma spraying coating machine greatly reduces the user's threshold of use. Adopt linear plasma design, clean the workpiece before coating, reduce the impurities attached to the workpiece itself, adopt point contact transmission high pressure spraying processing, reduce the product contamination rate, improve product quality. Photoelectric sensing intelligent program design, so that the incoming material identification more intelligent, higher precision, energy saving and efficiency.


  In recent years, in many fields, domestic brands have been rising strongly, and the spraying equipment of seismograph shares is no exception. No matter from the scheme, design, technology and experience, it has been well verified by the market. At the same time, seismograph is also committed to increasing investment in research and development, and constantly update and iterate the existing technology and research and development of new technology, while meeting the needs of different customers to meet the non-standardized product needs. The essence of the rise of domestic brands is that the quality and technology of "Made in China" are more and more recognized by the market, which has changed from "usable" to "user-friendly". Chinese enterprises are no longer simply imitating and following, but actively participating in it

  As the leading brand of glass display spraying for 10 years, We know that the establishment of industry brand is not only limited to sales, the real sense of "brand" not only needs to have the forefront of product technology and brand differentiation, but also needs to be deeply recognized by customers in customer service. In the course of 10 years, seismograph shares have been recognized by many leading enterprises in different industries at home and abroad. Domestic goods should be strong. In the future, Zhenyi Will promote and rationally layout the three core concepts of "technology deepening, brand influence, service strengthening", and is committed to becoming a leading brand enterprise in the field of intelligent manufacturing technology.

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