Anti-fingerprint coating for electronic consumer products is the first step for consumers to purchase products

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  In recent years, with the development of e-commerce industry, the circulation rate and utilization rate of electronic consumer products in the market are becoming higher and higher. At the same time, with the development of mobile Internet, users in the global market are keen on online shopping, and their purchasing power is also increasing exponentially. Among them, electronic consumer products occupy a lot of purchase shares. In this case, the user's demand for experience of the product gradually increases and becomes the first decision-making power to purchase the product.

Anti-fingerprint coating for electronic consumer products is the first step for consumers to purchase products

  Generally speaking, the excellent performance of consumer electronic products after fingerprint coating process is widely sought after by market users, so the market demand is huge. In this case, the major manufacturers in the introduction of anti-fingerprint coating process, will be based on their own province required product performance, targeted to choose suitable for their cost-effective anti-fingerprint coating process equipment. And after many choices, it is not difficult to find that the anti-fingerprint coating process to choose spraying equipment, as the first choice of anti-fingerprint coating process. The introduction of AF anti-fingerprint spray coating equipment from Seismograph has become the first step to satisfy consumers' decision-making right to purchase products.

  So, about anti-fingerprint spraying coating equipment, when planning, not only to satisfy the needs of users and the standards of the production environment, but also to think about the following guidelines.

  1. Safety criteria

  Spraying equipment and spraying conveying line body, it is necessary to follow the safety planning guidelines. It mainly includes the strength and rigidity of the equipment should be in accordance with the fire standard. Electrical safety request, protection against mechanical damage and safety protection measures

  2. Economic criteria

  Consider from the economic benefit of coating. AF spraying equipment with moderate cost, high coating efficiency, high utilization rate of anti-fingerprint liquid and high qualified rate of anti-fingerprint coating is mainly selected. The selection of equipment structure in skills, economic reasonable, in the end of the production task and the quality of goods under the premise of reducing costs, improve economic benefits, the selection of equipment, and goods and workpiece, output value and the selection of coating process matching to adapt.

  AF anti-fingerprint coating equipment is an important part of anti-fingerprint coating technology. Can help enterprises have a core competitiveness when the products into the market, of course, this kind of coating process, as well as anti-glare coating, anti-reflection coating and other process equipment, can solve the problem of different product market demand.

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