BIEL Crystal

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BIEL Crystal

  BIEL Crystal was founded in 1987. As the trailblazer of the optics manufacturing industry, BIEL has been striving to create cutting-edge products and services to our users. After more than thirty years of growth, BIEL Crystal has become one of the largest, most advanced touch screen manufacturers.


  Company Introduction

  BIEL Crystal produces cover glass, touch screen, optical glass for camera, glass back cover for mobile, high-end sapphire crystal cover for watches, ceramic accessory and many other glass-related products. With our persistent drive to innovate, BIEL Crystal has won the praise of many high-end smart phone enterprises and prestigious watch brands.

  As our business diversifies and our market share increases, the company has been constantly expanding over the globe. By 2020, the total capital investment of BIEL Crystal has been over HKD $40 billion. With the total area of industrial zones reaching approximately 2 million square meters, and the production facilities and dormitories have an approximated gross floor area of 4 million square meters. Our achievement has been well recognized at the national and provincial levels over the years. BIEL has been listed as one of the top 100 enterprises and top 100 manufacturers of Guangdong in recent years. We are also certificated as "National High-Tech Enterprise" by Ministry of Science and Technology.

  Business expansion aside, BIEL Crystal also keeps an eye for our community. Accumulating up to donations of HKD$400 million from BIEL Crystal and Dr. Yeung, the company and Dr. Yeung both receive commendation from HKSAR government, Guangdong government and the society for our philanthropy. At the same time, adhering to the vision of “Innovation, eco-friendly and collaboration”, our company advocates for low emission and sustainable development. As a token of affirmation, BIEL crystal has received Huizhou model philanthropist award for consecutive years.

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