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After-sales engineer

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After-sales engineer

  After-sales engineer

  Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the commissioning and after-sales service of sales products at the customer's site;

  2. Resolve product failures in the debugging and after-sales process of the sales product; and provide a report in time;

  3. Responsible for on-site communication with customers, promptly resolve customer questions; satisfy customers' reasonable requirements

  4. Installation, debugging, testing, equipment operation management, etc. of automation equipment;

  5. Responsible for on-site maintenance of equipment, customer service, technical support, etc.;

  6. Train customers to use, repair and maintain equipment, and be responsible for answering customers and product technical principles and usage problems;

  7. Collect customer-related information (including potential expectations for products), share the information with relevant departments in a timely manner and take measures to reduce the rate of customer complaints as much as possible.

  job requirements:

  1. College degree or above in electrical automation or related majors is preferred;

  2. Familiar with equipment wiring and related electrical components.

  3. More than 2 years of experience in equipment assembly or debugging.

  4. Be careful and patient, proactive, creative, and have good communication and coordination skills;

  5. Able to travel, obey the arrangement, and have a driver's license priority.

  6. Age 20-35 years old.

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