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Institution & Mechanical Engineer

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Institution & Mechanical Engineer

  Institution & Mechanical Engineer Job Responsibilities:

  1. Carry out equipment 3D digital model design, development, improvement and perfection according to customer requirements.

  2. Responsible for following up the production of processing drawings and assembly drawings of the project and generating standard BOM.

  3. Responsible for designing the tooling and fixtures of the equipment you are responsible for.

  4. Cooperate with electrical designers to complete the design of the whole machine.

  5. Product assembly drawings, department assembly drawings, parts drawings, pneumatic and hydraulic schematic drawings, pipeline layout drawings, etc.

  6. Product component details and standard purchased parts details are converted from 3D digital-analog drawings to engineering drawings.


  1. Major in mechanical manufacturing, college degree or above;

  2. Engaged in the mechanical design of automation equipment for more than 3 years; have the ability to complete project development and design alone;

  3. Familiar with common mechanical engineering materials and their heat treatment and surface treatment processes;

  4. Proficient in computer-aided design; skilled in using Solidworks&Autocad drawing software;

  5. Serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, with a good spirit of innovation and teamwork;

  6. Those with automation experience and equipment experience are preferred.

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