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Engineering Supervisor (16K-20K)

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Engineering Supervisor

        Engineering Supervisor

  Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the work of the engineering department, participate in the management of the mechanical technology research and development and technical teams of each project, and realize the technical innovation of each project plan.

  2. The management company has independent institutional design capabilities for new project technology development, reviewing technical plans, and making final technical assessments for each project.

  3. Cooperate with the company's plan implementation and company decision-making implementation.

  4. Responsible for the work arrangement and coordination of the entire engineering department and various project teams, and the handling of major decision-making matters.

  5. Coordinate the communication between various departments, deal with external and company contact and communication, and handle abnormalities.

  6. Follow-up of the new product meeting, confirmation of new product information and drawing review, abnormal handling, etc.

  7. Follow up the summary of the trial production of the new product to conduct a feasibility analysis and evaluation of the new product.

  8. Responsible for technical support and assistance for production, optimization and improvement of production process and manufacturing process, improvement of production efficiency and quality, and control and improvement of manufacturing costs.

  9. The department's operation process management, manpower scheduling, control, and establishment and implementation of department systems, the establishment and realization of department goals, are responsible for the skill improvement training of the department's personnel.

  10. Design and formulation of various forms, procedures and standard documents; maintenance of ERP system and feedback and handling of problem points.

  job requirements:

  1. College degree or above, major in mechanical design and automation and related fields.

  2. More than 5-8 years of non-standard automation equipment design related work experience, engineering design and management experience in spraying and dispensing industry is preferred

  3. Proficient in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, office and other application software.

  4. Familiar with the principle of mechanical structure and machining technology.

  5. Familiar with the calculation of mechanical transmission and its strength check, excellent learning ability; excellent execution ability.

  6. Have the ability to innovate, have a good appearance and aesthetic ability, have the spirit of research, and have the pursuit of achieving the ultimate in products.

  7. Work passion, sense of responsibility, and able to withstand greater pressure.

  8. Strong organizational and communication skills, able to coordinate and arrange department operations.

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