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Administrative Supervisor (8K-12K)

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Administrative Supervisor

  Administrative Supervisor

  Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for serving and coordinating the work of the general manager's office, checking and implementing all the tasks arranged by the general manager's office, and giving feedback to the general manager's office in time to ensure the normal operation of all tasks in the general manager's office.

  2. Responsible for arranging the company's annual work meetings, monthly and weekly work routine meetings, keeping records, compiling meeting minutes and resolutions, and urging all departments to implement them, and timely understand and feedback relevant information.

  3. Responsible for the drafting, printing and distribution of company-related documents, the signing and registration of superiors and external communications, and the circulation, urging and replying after the leadership's approval. Do a good job in reviewing, numbering, filing and archiving the company's administrative documents.

  4. Improve the company's administrative management system, manage the company's assets, and do a good job in the management of items and various logistics guarantees.

  5. Draft the company's organizational structure and staffing, and make adjustments to the company's organizational structure and staffing according to the company's development in different periods, and report to the company's leadership for approval.

  6. According to the needs of various departments for human resources, do a good job of recruiting, evaluating, selecting, deploying, and resigning employees.

  7. Responsible for formulating the company’s performance appraisal methods, organizing various departments to assess the company’s employees’ employment status, and on this basis, suggesting appointments, dismissals, rewards and punishments for the company’s leaders to refer to when making decisions.

  8. Investigate and understand the salary level of competitive companies, formulate a competitive salary system, and report to the company for approval.

  9. According to the training needs of the company's employees, at the end of December each year, it is responsible for preparing the company's next annual training plan and budget.

  10. Responsible for the organization, coordination and implementation of the company's annual training work and temporary training work. Responsible for checking the implementation of the annual and monthly training plans of various departments.

  11. Responsible for formulating the staff's spare time activities plan for the next year at the end of each year, and after reporting to the company for approval, organizing and carrying out various staff's spare time activities to enrich the staff's spare time cultural life

  job requirements:

  1. College degree or above, more than 3 years of relevant work experience

  2. Familiar with the related work process of general affairs

  3. Good organizational and communication skills, able to coordinate and arrange department operations

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