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For ten years, I will not forget my original intention, forge ahead, and be grateful for you!

Views:96 Writer:admin Date:2021-08-28

Message from the Chairman:
On the tenth anniversary of Zhenyi (Zhen Kun), looking back on these ten years,
We have experienced too much:
A section of the road,
A loud laugh;
A section of the road,
Tears of grievance;
A section of the road,
Ignorant persistence;
A section of the road,
Bewildered choice;
Thank you for the frustration and training you have experienced over the past ten years,
They make us mature and strong.
Ten years of determination to climb,
Ten years of hard work.
On the broader stage of the future market,
Guangdong Zhenyi (Zhenkun Chemical) will use broad-mindedness and courage,
Extraordinary wisdom and strength,
Keep surpassing,
Towards a higher and lofty goal, stride forward!
For ten years, thank you all for being with you all the way!
Ten years later, we never forget to stick to our original intentions,
In the future, we will carry forward the past and forge ahead!

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