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Today we are all goddesses, living up to the gift of time and being our own queen

Views:81 Writer:admin Date:2021-03-08

Bright March, Qing is a beautiful woman

May the stars, the sea and the radiant rays of light be hidden in your eyes forever, and there are always beautiful flowers in your hands
May you be the goddess of thorns and thorns, and the little princess loved by others
May you be independent, equal, proud and free regardless of your age, short, fat, thin, beautiful or ugly
Maintaining an optimistic attitude is the capital of youth, 80 years old can have the same attitude as 18 years old

You are the angel who landed on earth
Know the world but not the world

You may not be whose princess
But to be your own queen

Neither humble nor arrogant, nor hurried,
I grew up and lived up to expectations,
Don’t read the past, don’t fear the future,
Live yourself, live your true self,
Zhenyi’s wishes to all the girls here

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