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The new journey of 2021, the benefits of Zhenyi will continue, and the bonus will be soft!

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At a new beginning in 2021, Zhenyi will start a new round of welfare broadcasts. Waves of rewards, surprises and benefits continue!
Seismic is full of talents, and 3 outstanding supervisors will be added in the first month of 2021:
Director Fan of the Engineering Department has always been responsible, hard-working, and working overtime late every night regardless of personal gains and losses, so he can take the initiative to improve his technological innovation and improvement.
Since the position of the deputy director of the equipment department, the work efficiency of the equipment department has been significantly improved, the morale of the staff has been changed and improved, and the production can be effectively achieved as planned. It has also effectively saved labor costs and improved performance.
Director Wu of the customer service department is serious and responsible. He can communicate effectively at work. When communicating with customers, whether at work or after get off work, he can promptly respond to customers and solve their needs with due diligence, and effectively maintain the company to serve customers in a timely manner The image performance is good.


Pang Fuyuan, an electrical engineer from the Engineering Department, is specially rewarded for upgrading his plasma R&D skills, improving product performance, and making special contributions. The company's special measures honor certificate and generous bonuses.

For the better development of the enterprise, the newly opened ERP system is responsible for the finance, and the various departments cooperate to continuously discover and solve problems in more than a month, and improve the system's deficiencies. The company especially encourages:

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