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"Excellent Supervisor" Appraisal Activity of Zhenyi Intelligent Manufacturing

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In order to improve the enthusiasm of employees and motivate the potential of employees, the personnel department and the general manager’s office hereby held the "Excellent Supervisor" appraisal activity of

Guangdong Zhenyi Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and finally selected the "Warehouse Department and Planning Department Supervisor-Lai Xiaoming, Finance Department Supervisor-Zheng Hejuan" is the

outstanding supervisor of the third quarter!

1. Strictly abide by the company's various rules and regulations, never arrive late, never leave early. There are no valid warnings within this month (verified by the human resources department).  
2. Work enthusiasm and diligence, with a high sense of work responsibility.
3. Excessive completion of scheduled tasks within a certain period of time.  
4. Consistently good performance, able to achieve or often exceed the department's expected work goals or sales performance.  
5. Have good interpersonal relations and cooperation and coordination skills.
6. Have a good sense of service and attitude towards the company's internal working partners and external customers. There were no valid complaints this month.
7. Able to reasonably allocate and authorize employees' work, which can inspire employees to achieve departmental goals together. Employees who have violated discipline for more than two times in this
month are not allowed to participate in this month’s selection.
8. Think of yourself as a community of the company's destiny, with the spirit of enduring hardships and dedication.
9. We attach great importance to collective interests and honor, and put collective interests in the first place.
10. Be honest and trustworthy, and manage company affairs loyally.

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