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2020 Seismograph Mid-Autumn National Day Group Activities

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September is about to pass, and October is slowly approaching. The October festival is very popular for everyone, because 10.1 will have our favorite rest time. More importantly, this year's 10.1 coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is rare. The two festivals are celebrated at the same time, so when the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day approach, what activities will Zhenyi have? Let's take a look together!
Staff dinner

It must be a special fate to be able to meet together in Zhenyi in the vast crowd of people. Even if they are separated in the future, there is still a good memory in retrospect. Every time a colleague gathers, everyone eats, drinks and plays, so that the feelings between each other gradually become deeper.
        True friends, true friendships, and the stories of a lifetime are all in one word and deed; let youth blow the soul, and let small gatherings release their depression. Joy always comes as expected! Zhenyi
is a big loving family.

May all the good things come as promised, and may we be treated tenderly by this world!

Whether it’s a lonely wanderer in a foreign land, a white-collar worker who is chased by the rush of life, or a little girl who is suffering because of a frustrated relationship, it seems that all he needs is a hot meal, which instantly brings cold wind and cold. A heart-warming current in the rain.
        Everyone took turns to toast. The love of a glass of wine, everything is in the glass. Here are the loveliest colleagues, the most kind leaders, the most delicious food, and the warmest Zhenyi family.

Employee Benefits

To thank the employees for their hard work, the company sent a rich Mid-Autumn Festival gift, a box of exquisite moon cakes, and a box of sweet red pomelo to each person. It's full of love.

I am grateful for the gift from the company, and wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day in advance, and family reunion!

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