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Seismic's new look after its relocation in January 2020

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January 1, 2020
We moved to a new location
Location of Zhenyi Industrial Park Office
Today finally unveiled the mystery
New office location:
Xinshi Community, Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen
Seismograph Industrial Park, Building 6, Shi'ao Second Industrial Park

Every day is a brand new day, and I am in a good mood on the way to work

Park style

"When I went out this morning, I felt a little bit different from the past. I felt more excited than before. The moment I walked into the park, I was more excited than I moved to a new home."
Compared with the past, our new location has planned different functional areas such as office area, reception room, meeting room, exhibition hall, pantry and other office areas, different production workshops, quality inspection, research and development and independent warehouse areas. Strive to create a one-stop experience environment for visiting customers and employees.

New environment-our reception area!

The high-end and atmospheric young lady at the front desk will serve you

High-quality showroom to show you our corporate products and honors

Comfortable waiting area relieves you of fatigue along the way

New environment-our office area!

The high-end and atmospheric chairman's office has an artistic atmosphere

Our comprehensive office area is spacious and orderly, ready to serve you at all times

Independent project office area, efficient and quality

Atmospheric Finance Office, everything is proceeding in an orderly manner!

Spacious meeting room, where we will all participate in decision-making

Walking the promenade is also a good experience
         In addition to the office area, there is also a pantry, leisure area, etc. The surrounding facilities for food, accommodation, transportation and leisure are complete.

A small rest area is a small world where we can talk freely
        The environment has also been upgraded several levels, pantry, coffee room, activity room...
        New environment, new look, new hope, I believe that in the future, the people of Seismic will also be full of energy, and always uphold our mission: to create the era of Seismic
create value for customers
Create opportunities for employees
Take responsibility for society
Improve service quality in all directions
        Equipment: A new exhibition hall has been added, new equipment and new applications have been provided, and visits and exchanges can be conducted at any time, so that we can understand our seismograph more intuitively.
TV shows more intuitive
The physical booth can directly and effectively understand our products
Showcases show our patents and honors right in front of your eyes
The light box shows our equipment and products clearly
Just waiting for your favor

Service: There are more and more complete regional emergency materials. The laboratory and warehouse area are enlarged as a whole, and more storage space is used.

Welcome to guide
Fresh air
Brand new scenery
The new land will once again nurture us into a new palace
There is still the warm service before
Hard working staff
We are still struggling forward
The difference is that it will be more enthusiastic
try harder
We are here to welcome you


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