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One-day tour of "Yangmeikeng-Nan'ao Beach" by Zhenkun Chemical's employees

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  One-day tour of "Yangmei Keng-Nan'ao Beach" by Zhenkun Chemical Silicone employees

  In order to reflect the company's corporate spirit, enhance the sense of unity and cooperation among employees, promote communication among employees, and activate the team atmosphere, the company plans to organize employees to hold a one-day trip to Yangmei Keng & South Australia Xichong Beach on April 22, 2017. The details are as follows :


  Significance of the activity: Enriching employees' spare time, enhancing the feelings between employees, allowing employees to relax, enhancing collective cohesion and team spirit, specially planning Yangmei Keng & South Australia Xichong one-day tour employee activities.

  Activity purpose: get close to nature, breathe fresh air, and at the same time experience the joy and fulfillment of playing on the beach, release pressure, relax, and experience the importance of unity and mutual assistance among team members, strengthen the familiarity between team members, and create A united and friendly atmosphere connects everyone closely.

  Activity time: July 2, 2012 ~ July 3, 2012 (tentative)

  Venue: Yangmeikeng, Shenzhen & Xichong, South Australia

  Activity form: group outdoor self-driving tour

  Number of activities: 11

  Activity content: Watching the sunrise at Yangmei Keng, enjoying the scenery of the "Mermaid" movie scene, seaside team dance, etc.; South Australia West Chong beach games, swimming, beach barbecue, speedboat, Lover Island mountain climbing to enjoy the scenery, etc.


  Activity Glimpse

  Group photo of Yangmeikeng beach

  Group photo on the top of Luzui Mountain

  Event postscript:

  Thanks to Liu Bei and Zhang Hongcheng who planned this event for their arrangements and the work of the two driver colleagues. Through this event, they exercised their muscles and bones, enlivened the atmosphere, and let go of the mood. At the same time, it enhanced the cohesion between the team and the sense of collectiveness for everyone. And the team concept is further consolidated. It is said that there are no failed individuals in a good team, and there are no good individuals in a failed team. In order to go higher and further, the team work hard together!

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