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  Zhenyi Industry (Zhenkun Chemical) Excellent Staff Commendation Conference

  In the first half of 2017, a group of performance pacesetters who dared to work hard for the company's development, worked tirelessly and went all out for the development of the company emerged in Seismic, which played a positive role as a model leader within the company. In order to establish a model and further mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the employees, after the company's assessment, the following 5 employees are determined to be rewarded:


  1. Qiu Changchuan of the 3D business department is proactive in his work, hard work and no complaints, which has brought the work to a new level.

  2. Zhang Hongcheng in the silicone department works overtime every night, willing to make dedication and selfless work, never caring about personal gains or losses, hard work.

  3. Liu Ke from the business department has outstanding achievements in his work and has over-fulfilled the sales business.

  4. Tang Pei, the business department, is proactive in his work to develop business.

  5. Tang Chudun, the after-sales department, bravely assumed responsibility, volunteered to donate 100 yuan, and completed the work within the time limit, which set an example for the company.

  Department Name Position Award Project Honorary Title

  3D Business Department Qiu Changchuan Electrical Engineer 500 yuan in cash, performance model

  Silicone Department Zhang Hongcheng Graphic designer 500 yuan in cash, performance model

  Business Department Liu Ke, salesman, cash 5000 yuan, business model

  Business Department Tang Pei, salesperson, cash 1,000 yuan, sales star

  After-sales Department Tang Chudun After-sales Supervisor 200 yuan in cash, performance pacesetter

  The above-mentioned award-winning employees have a positive and enterprising working spirit and play a positive role as a model leader within the company. The company calls on all employees to follow their example, unite and cooperate, work hard, and contribute their own strength to the company's stable and healthy development; at the same time, I hope that the above The staff will be more diligent and hardworking in the future work, and achieve more brilliant achievements! !

  Zhenyi Industry and Zhenkun Chemicals under Zhenyi Co., Ltd., Zhenyi Industry's main business: AF anti-fingerprint oil, cover plate nano coating, spraying fingerprint liquid equipment, AF liquid, anti-fingerprint pills, and coating foundry; Zhenkun Chemical Mainly imported silica gel, Dow Corning sealing glass glue, potting glue, thermal silica gel, thermal silica. Zhenyi shares are located at No. 45 Dalang North Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen. Welcome all new and old customers to visit. Consultation hotline: 0755-23040303.

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