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Seismic's 2-day travel notes to Qingyuan

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Qingyuan Travel Diary of All Seismic Staff
Looking for the most beautiful luxury and the most splendid freedom in life.
In order to thank all employees for their unremitting efforts for the development of the company, enhance the cohesion of employees, enrich the collective life, let employees relax in the busy work, face life and face work with a fuller spirit and more positive attitude.
In order to enhance the communication and communication between colleagues, the company specially organizes all employees to visit Qingyuan for two days and one night.

Qingyuan, here we are!
The first stop: Beacon Mountain Canyon Rafting
After the tug-of-war competition organized by the company, the film went to Qinglong Gorge for rafting. The battle has begun!

A glimpse of tug-of-war and rafting
Along the way, I was completely wet, screamed hoarse because of the stimulation, and my arms were sore from the water fight, but I was still very happy!

Second stop: visit the Little Three Gorges & cruise ship meal

Small Three Gorges scenery
The third stop Red does not allow edible fungi and sika deer base
Visited the nation’s first Hongburen [Edible Fungus Exhibition Hall], visited various exhibition halls of mushroom specimens and cultivation process, Kistler Hall, Famous Dog Farm, Sika Deer Breeding Base and other exhibition halls in the park, and tasted Qingyuan’s specialty snacks for free. Ganoderma tea, free to buy local products.

Fourth stop Niuyuzui Primitive Ecological Scenic Area
Walking on the [Scary Glass Bridge], you will not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also make you feel the feeling of a heartbeat!
Then take the [Flying Dragon Slide] to feel the speed and passion!
Challenge the single-plank bridge after going down the mountain and feel the floating on the water!

The journey of two days and one night came to an end in a hurry.
Thanks to the company for providing this opportunity to everyone, letting everyone put aside the exhaustion of work and life in the excitement, let everyone go on the road lightly, and work harder and go all out in the future.

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