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Free yourself, Zhenyi and the group of Dapeng travel freely

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  In order to broaden employees' horizons, stimulate their enthusiasm for life and work, and at the same time promote communication and exchanges between various departments, and enrich employees' amateur cultural and entertainment life. From July 23rd to 24th, 2017, our company organized all employees to go to the end of the Dapeng competition, a two-day tour of Dapeng City.

  Along the way, through playing games, everyone was enthusiastic, singing and laughing. During the trip, I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, enjoyed the food, relieved the fatigue, and enjoyed the fun, and deeply felt the warmth from the company family.

  The company always adheres to the people-oriented principle and regards employees as the core force of the company's development. The organization of outing tourism activities is the company's full affirmation of the employees' hard work and deep care for them. Traveling can not only enable employees to enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy themselves after busy work, but also can greatly mobilize employees' enthusiasm for work, enhance the cohesion of the company and the awareness of teamwork, and provide the company with the relationship between various departments. A good platform for mutual communication allows employees to relax and cultivate their sentiments, and they can devote themselves to work with more enthusiasm and contribute to the company's continuous and rapid development.

  Activity Highlights

  When you arrive at the hotel, let's take a picture of the scenery outside the window.

  There is a small "secret garden" here

  With such a big table, Uncle Li (the warehouse keeper of Zhenyi) should not look elsewhere. The chicken legs on the plate are gone. In the corner, it seems that the little handsome guy is still teasing the little sister, go to dinner...


  Guess, who are these two handsome guys with glasses? Of course, Xu Da and Zhang, who led Zhenyi's group to pick up money, are cheers (we photographed them, they are a little shy), I hope Zhenyi will be better tomorrow , Marching towards NO.1!

  I feel I haven’t eaten it yet, let’s have some barbecue, the Oppas of Zhenyi, look at yours...

  If you are full of wine and food, everyone will sing a song, and the beauty of Zhenyi will sing for you...

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