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    Views:201 Writer:ZHENYI Date:2021-11-12

    Talent Concept Zhenyi shares_AF/AG/protective ink plasma cleaning coating machine spraying equipment manufacturer

      Everyone is a talent, and there is no match for horse racing

      We firmly believe that everyone is a talent, and what the development of an enterprise lacks is not talent, but lack of a mechanism to produce talent. Every employee has his own strengths, and our goal is to provide an environment and mechanism that can realize their potential.

      In Zhenyi, as long as you have the ability, you have expertise, and you work hard, you will have a place for development!

      We have an advanced product development, manufacturing and management system, and a complete functional organization, which can provide a broad development stage for people of insight.

      We advocate the common development of employees and enterprises, provide professional and technical and management development paths, and ensure through various systems and measures to customize a personalized development path for each employee.

      Talents precede strategy, qualifications are more important than qualifications

      We advocate the principle of "people first, then things", and regard human resources as the first resource of the enterprise; we do not only focus on academic qualifications, qualifications, professional titles and identities, but are eclectic and recruit talented people.