As long as there is faith in the "Monthly Working Conference in July", success is in sight!

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  ?On July 31, 2021, Guangdong Zhenyi's "July Monthly Work Conference" was officially held. The content of this month is mainly to summarize the company's work in the first half of the year. The purpose is to implement the July "Punish" policy, to commend and reward outstanding employees.

  ?The great era calls for a great spirit, and a noble cause needs to be led by an example. A total of 5 awards were set up at this conference, including 1 Special Contribution Award, 1 Excellent Supervisor Award and 3 Excellent Employee Award.

  1. Special Contribution Award

  ?In our big family, there will be such a group of people every year: they have no rhetoric, but they have used their actions to tell us what the spirit of ownership is; they are dedicated, persevering, they are hardworking, motivated, they work hard, they work hard, regardless of gains or losses .

  Special Contribution Award Winner

As long as there is faith in the

  ?Zheng Hejuan: Head of Finance Department

  ?Mr. Xu presented awards to the director of Finance Department Zheng Hejuan

  2. Outstanding Supervisor Award

  ?In Zhenyi, there are a group of outstanding leaders who care for their subordinates, take the lead, set an example in everything, and lead by example, they use wisdom to plan tactics, use innovation to lead development, use courage to overcome difficulties, and write poems with loyalty.

  Outstanding Supervisor Award Winner

  ?Wu Yuanling: Head of After-sales Department

As long as there is faith in the

         ?Ms. Xu presented the award to Wu Yuanling, the head of the after-sales department

       3. Outstanding employee award


  ?Excellent employees are a rare and precious resource for our company. I believe that there are still a large number of employees who have contributed to the development of the company. The development of the company is, in the final analysis, the development of the team, and the development of the team is based on the development of everyone.

  Outstanding Employee Award Winner

  As long as there is faith in the

  ?Guo Rongcheng (Equipment Department), Chen Jianjun (Engineering Department) and Tang Zhanghua (Procurement Department).

  ?Equipment Department Chen Rongcheng, Engineering Department Chen Jianjun and Purchasing Department Tang Zhanghua

  4. Mr. Xu's speech

  In this meeting, Mr. Xu not only commended employees who performed outstandingly at work and affirmed our achievements, but also summarized the development of the company in the first half of the year. In this speech, Mr. Xu said: "I Believe that Seismic must have hope.” This profoundly shows that a company leader has a strong heart with a firm belief to pursue a goal, and a passionate state of hope that the goal can be achieved in the future. This not only reminded me of a line in Eason Chan's song "By Your Side", "As long as there is a firm belief, the future can be seen".

As long as there is faith in the


  No one can guarantee that their sky will not be cloudy, but at least it can reduce its appearance. No one can predict the future, but as long as there is faith, success is in sight!

  5. The monthly work meeting ended successfully

As long as there is faith in the


  At the meeting, advanced individuals and managers who performed outstandingly in their usual work were commended, and awards such as special contribution award, outstanding supervisor award and outstanding employee award were awarded to encourage advancement and set an example.

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