The "August Monthly Work Conference" of Zhenyi shares is full of pioneering spirit and great fighting spirit!

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  On August 31st, Seismo Co., Ltd. held an outstanding employee recognition and August monthly work summary meeting to summarize the important results and useful experience achieved in August at work and commend outstanding employees who have made outstanding contributions to Seiki.


  Outstanding Staff Award

  Excellent employees are a rare and valuable resource for our company. I believe that there are still a large number of employees who have contributed to the development of the company. The development of the company is, in the final analysis, the development of the team, and the development of the team is based on the development of everyone.

  Outstanding Employee Award Winner

  Engineering Department (Feng Mingkun), Finance Department (Deng Jiaolan), Equipment Department (Wei Caijian).


  Engineering Department (Feng Mingkun)


  Finance Department (Deng Jiaolan)


  Equipment Department (Wei Caijian)

  After awarding outstanding employees, we call on all employees of the company to learn advanced deeds, to forge ahead and not forget the responsibility of their original intentions, to radiate the spirit of pioneering, enterprising, and prosperous, and to gather a strong will to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties. .

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