Mid-Autumn Festival I Zhenyi Shares "With your company, it's all reunion" Let's guess the word puzzle

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   As the saying goes: "August and 15th are full, Mid-Autumn moon cakes are fragrant and sweet"

   Zhenyi Shares "With your company, it's all reunion"

  I would like to live up to the time, live up to hard work, and make people feel at ease and spend a full moon!

  The flowers are like brocades, the moon is staring, and I wish to be happy and reunion, happiness is always there.

  The moonlight shines, all is the hometown; the feet stepped on, all is the life. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to Zhenyi people!

   Pay attention to safety when traveling, and keep the main points in mind

Mid-Autumn Festival I Zhenyi Shares

   At present, the domestic epidemic has not completely subsided. In the face of the upcoming short holiday, the deployment of epidemic prevention and control is also attracting attention. Experts reminded that during the Mid-Autumn Festival travel masks should be worn, social distance should be kept, coughs and sneezes should be covered, and hands should be washed frequently. These are important measures to help personal protection.

中秋节 | 震仪股份 “有你陪伴,皆是团圆” 一起来猜字谜吧

   Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake + grapefruit + red envelope

   There are a few poems about the Mid-Autumn Festival to share with you:

  Nung, moon and new moon. ——Su Shi "Shui Tiao Song Tou·Bingchen Mid-Autumn Festival"

   Good season, I hope every year, Mid-Autumn Moon is common. ——Xu Youzhen, "Mid-Autumn Moon·Mid-Autumn Moon"

   I live in Jinghua, early again, the Mid-Autumn Festival. ——Qiu Jin, "Man Jianghong·Xiaozhu Jinghua"

Mid-Autumn Festival I Zhenyi Shares


   After reading these poems, the editor Rogen thought of the Mid-Autumn Festival game with word guessing and idiom guessing. Next, the editor will write the puzzles below. You can leave a message and reply to the answer!

中秋节I 震仪股份 “有你陪伴,皆是团圆” 一起来猜字谜吧

  words puzzle:

  1, the bright moon is the head of the heavens and horses (type one word)

  2, Xijiangyue nostalgia (type one word)

  3, Mingyue Yin Gaoshu (type one word)

  4, Ban Jiang Mingyue's painting of Chen (type one character)

  5, the moonset, sunrise, geese formation (type one word)

   Guess the idiom:

   1. Fifteen Nights in Spring in the Garden (Take one idiom)

  2, all looking at the moon (a polite phrase)

  3, look up at the moon

   4. A round of bright moon shines in front of the window (type a polite phrase)

  5, the breeze is blowing on the Mid-Autumn Festival night (four-character common phrase)

   Finally, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, having fun and eating!

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