joined the toughened glass film association

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 Kankun chemical successfully joined the toughened glass film association, becoming the first member unit!

In July 2015, the company was reshuffled by the industry, and the company adjusted its operation strategy in a timely manner to strengthen its competitiveness and operational requirements, and introduced new production technology to the steady development stage.
In December 2015, and highly recommended by many enterprises, the company stand out, success to join the "tempered glass membrane association of guangdong province", and become the first member units.
Shenzhen zhenkun chemical (zhenyi industry) co., LTD. Has been upgraded to "shenzhen seismograph think tank co., LTD.
Yin in the New Year beginning in 2017, "shenzhen shock of chemical (seismograph industrial co., LTD." upgrade to "shenzhen seismograph smart co., LTD.", on the way of resources integration and the shareholding system reform pace towards a new...
In March 2017, for the sake of the planning of the company's long-term development, and better for the company's brand communication and product sales, the company shareholders to discuss the decision, will officially upgraded to a joint-stock co., LTD., the company vigorously the introduction of advanced technology and resources, let the company go higher and further.
And the March 10 "seismograph share" advertising logo is officially listed!
For a more adhesive solution, please consult shenzhen seismograph co., LTD., 0755-23040303
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