Zhenyi shares | 2021 National Day holiday notice

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  Dear new and old customers:


  Dear friends and family,

  Thank you all for your trust and support to Seismo. Regarding Seismo’s 2021 National Day holiday, our company has made the following arrangements:

  One, holiday time

  October 01, 2021 (Friday) to October 04, 2021 (Monday), four days off; normal work on October 05, 2021 (Tuesday)

  Dear customers, new and old customers, if you have orders or other business needs during the holiday, please contact us in advance to avoid affecting your company's production. Please forgive me for the changes!

  Shun Zhu: Business is prosperous, happy National Day!

  Dear family and friends, thank you for your continued support and company and hard work, and I wish you all a happy National Day!

        Zhenyi shares | 2021 National Day holiday notice

  National Day holiday notice:

  For all employees to spend a happy, peaceful and safe National Day, and to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents before and after holidays and holidays, this precaution is hereby formulated:

  1. Persons in charge of all departments are requested to keep communication unblocked during the holidays.

  2. Before the holiday, all departments are requested to do a good job in safety and sanitation cleaning in the work area; check and close the water, electricity, gas, doors and windows in the responsible area, and do a good job of safety precautions.

  3. Please pay attention to weather changes and pay attention to safety when going out during the holidays.

  4. Wear masks on National Day trips, keep social distancing, cover coughs and sneezes, and wash your hands frequently. Take important personal protection measures.

  5. Do the maintenance and maintenance of office equipment, clean the environment, locate and organize the materials well before the holiday.

  6. ??On-duty personnel conduct inspections on time, report abnormalities in time, and contact and deal with them to ensure the safety of the company. Persons on duty shall not leave their posts without authorization, and at the same time shall keep in touch in order to deal with emergencies.

  7. Do a safety check before the holiday to eliminate hidden dangers of insecurity, and strictly control the centralized storage of flammable and explosive products on site. At the same time, do a good job of shutting down doors, windows and energy, and record them, and then leave the work site after being confirmed by the supervisor.

  8. Pay attention to traffic safety when going out, consciously abide by traffic rules, and do not ride in unlicensed or unlicensed vehicles.

  9. When going out, you should enhance your self-protection and prevention awareness, and protect your personal and property safety from infringement.

  10. Disputes arising from going out or participating in gatherings should be sensibly mediated, instead of fighting aggressively, expanding the situation and intensifying conflicts. If an accident occurs, call the police in time.

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