Seismic "Monthly Meeting in September" commends outstanding employees and celebrates National Day

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  On September 30, 2021, Zhenyi Holding will hold an excellent employee recognition and September monthly work summary meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to summarize the work of the entire month in September, commend advanced individuals (excellent employees) and make arrangements before and after the National Day holiday.


  Outstanding employees are an important asset of an enterprise, and their experience is more meaningful to other employees. For outstanding employees, the honor of "excellent employees" may be more effective than pure material incentives. It represents the company's recognition of the overall performance of employees.

  Outstanding Employee Award Winner

  After-sales Department (Wu Kaijin), Warehouse (Liang Guangyu), Engineering Department (Chen Jianjun)


  During the awarding process, the winners shared some experiences of becoming outstanding employees. At the same time, the corresponding department heads also commented on the work of these winners. After listening to these comments, Rogen summed up several common core points of the content they shared: hard work, mutual solidarity, good customer service attitude, providing improvement solutions for the company and dedication to work, etc.



  In fact, to be a good employee is not easy to say, but to say difficult is what we can do. As long as we start from being dedicated to our jobs, from being loyal and responsible, from safeguarding the company’s interests and taking the lead in complying with the company’s rules and regulations, and from taking the initiative to change our work attitude... Then, I think, each of our ordinary employees, You can go from mediocrity to excellence, and become an excellent employee in everyone's mind.

  Finally, I wish you all a fun and happy "National Day"!


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