The fingerprint oil industry is far ahead

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The fingerprint oil industry is far ahead!
In January 2012, seismograph co., LTD. Was the first manufacturer of spray equipment in the industry.
We will open up the production line of coating, and verify the product by means of fingerprint oil, equipment and contract.
And we can produce plasma spraying machine, plasma washing machine, plasma spraying equipment, etc., and can design according to custom requirements.
Product plasma spraying coating machine to reduce the rate of pollution, improve product quality, effective guarantee product stability, which can realize online spraying, improve the machine processing capacity, reduce labor costs.
In April 2014, the company has worked closely with lighting industry, power supply industry, and manual module industry, and has been involved in the core technology of all-sealing rubber non-volatile molecules.
In May 2014, the shockproof industrial production of the fingerprint oil averaged 10 tonnes a month in the industry, with more than 80 per cent market share.

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