3000 square meters in the 100-level dustfree workshop

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Shenzhen zhenkun chemical (seismometer industry) co., LTD. Has invested 3000 square meters in the 100-level dustfree workshop.
In October 2016, in order to improve the quality of products, supply the market demand, the shenzhen shock kun chemical (seismograph industrial co., LTD., company into the best level of dust-free workshop of 3000 square meters, for the glass cover, OGS, toughened glass membrane oil provides the fingerprint products such as surface coating foundry.
With three AF/AS coating lines, nissan can produce more than 100000PCS.
The workshop mainly produces AF nano-coating (anti-fingerprint oil), which is mainly used in touch screen, flat screen, glass steel film, office equipment, mobile phone accessories and so on.
Shenzhen shock of chemical (seismograph industrial) into the level dustless workshop, successfully developed automatic vacuum laminating machine, glass protective liquid sprayer and many non-standard automation equipment, from then on, open the operation mode of the diversified company.
For a more adhesive solution, please consult shenzhen seismograph co., LTD., 0755-23040303.
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