Seismograph share silicon rubber business department dance competition

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Seismograph share silicon rubber business department dance competition
   In seismograph, there is a group of young people who work carefully and efficiently serve their clients.After work, they are full of vigor and vitality.Work is the guarantee of life, and the body is the money of the revolution!Our company not only pays attention to the product quality, the customer demand, but also pays attention to the employee's work and pleasure.In order to strengthening the construction of corporate culture, deepen team cooperation tacit understanding, build good get along with atmosphere among employees, enrich employees' spare life, our company specially held the first dance competition.
Participants: all employees of the silicon rubber department of seismograph
Time: March 11, 2017
Perform "dance of the money dance" and "grateful heart" sign language dance
Dress makeup is in the style of dance.
The performance is full of spirit and the typhoon is correct.
The standard of dancing moves smoothly, the expression is proper, the performance is infectious.
The action matches the music rhythm, and the dance moves are not snapped.
The final event will be voted by other colleagues in the democratic voting for the best champions, runners-up, third runners-up, and encouragement.
The first: 100 yuan
Second: 60 yuan
Third place: 30 yuan/exquisite gift package
Honorable mention: 10 yuan/small gifts
The contestants are performing, some are dynamic, some are gentle, some are in the rush to make slow and humorous and lovely...
The result of the match:
First name: zhou xueying
No.2: Lin yajiao
Third place: Tang chuchu
Friendship first, competition second, reparticipation.
Whether or not they win the prize, employees are relaxed and happy.
Work is for the happy life, the happy work is for the happier life!
We strive to make employees balance their work and life, love their work, and live a happy life!
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