Seismograph makes "excellent staff" comparison activities

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Seismograph makes "excellent staff" comparison activities
Companies are usually made up of people, hands and people.
Simple description: talent is highly motivated and powerful, and it creates great value for the company.
Hands are pushed, but simply do their jobs.
The population is a company with no, passive, soy sauce.
The company develops rapidly, needs more talent to be backed up, we gradually establish the perfect talent incentive system.
Objective: to improve the employee's motivation, to confirm and reward the key talents of the company.
Training "human hands" to develop more specialized talents;
Encourage the "population" to learn the skills and knowledge of the job, and slowly increase the talents of the company.
In March 2017, our company personnel department held a good employee selection activities, this activity with the principle of fair and open, through the various departments, in professional skills, work attitude, work and interpersonal aspects of comprehensive evaluation, the final "hong-cheng zhang" won acclaim recognition, was named the seismograph smart co., LTD. "excellent employee".
We will be recognized and favored by our willing and hardworking talents.
We will also take every employee who is working with the company's goals.
The harder you work, the luckier you will be, and you will be thankful for your present self.
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