"Yangmei ken-nao beach" is a one-day trip for the company

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"Yangmei ken-nao beach" is a one-day trip for the company
   To reflect the company spirit of enterprise, enhance the staff's sense of unity and cooperation, promote the exchange of communication between the employees and the active team atmosphere, the company plans on April 22, 2017, all staff at yangmei pit & south west beach day trips, specific as follows:
Activities: enrich employees amateur life, improve the affection between staff, let employees to relax the mood, enhance the collective cohesion and team spirit, yangmei pit, planning & south Australia west Tours staff activities.
Purpose: to be close to nature, breathe the fresh air, and at the same time, experience the happiness and enrich the beach, release pressure, relax, and experience the importance of unity and mutual assistance between team members, strengthen the familiarity between team members, to create a friendly atmosphere of solidarity, will you closely linked together.
Activity time: July 2, 2012 ~ 3 July 2012 (tentative)
Location: shenzhen yangmei pit &south Australia west
Activity form: group outdoor road trip
Number of events: 11
Activities: Yang mei pit watch the sunrise, enjoy the scenery of the mermaid movie, the beach team dance, etc.
South Australian west beach games, swimming, beach barbecues, speedboats, lovers island mountain view, etc.
Activity environment
Photo taken by the seaside
Photo on the top of the deer's mouth


Thanks for planning the event Liu Bei, hong-cheng zhang arrangement, and the two drivers to the work of colleagues, through this activity, exercise, dynamic atmosphere, let go of the mood, enhance the cohesion between the team at the same time, to the collective sense and team to further consolidate.
They say that there are no failures in a good team. There are no good people in a failed team.
In order to go higher, go further, the team work together!
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