Why choose plasma equipment for cleaning?

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  At present, plasma cleaning technology is being used in all types of industries to remove organic contaminants on the surface of the substrate, remove residues, and change the surface characteristics (such as wettability, bonding strength between materials, adhesion, etc.). Improve the manufacturability of products.

  Seismic provides highly customizable, reliable and first-class plasma treatment solutions and plasma spraying solutions for companies in multiple industries. Our plasma cleaning equipment provides excellent uniformity, processing speed, ease of use and cost-effectiveness, all with excellent results.

Why choose plasma equipment for cleaning?

  In the plasma treatment process, the process temperature is one of the most important parameters to ensure uniform and effective treatment. The plasma cleaning manufactured by Zhenyi Co., Ltd. can directly adjust the temperature of the electrode. Through sophisticated computer automation, a consistent temperature can be maintained throughout the plasma sequence. This technology allows the operator to have absolute control over the operating environment.

  With this design, the plasma system can operate at the highest allowable temperature of any given material or substrate, ensuring that you can process the material as quickly as possible. You can choose to repeat the process multiple times and get consistent results each time. This technology eliminates the need for "preheating" or "pre-operation" of the plasma system, and there is no competing plasma system that limits intermittent service/stable cycle throughput.

  Our system can produce cleaning rates that are more than three times faster than competing plasma systems. Our unique design combined with patented features (such as temperature control and electrostatic shielding) allows us to provide unparalleled quality and speed in plasma processing.

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