What is the role of plasma cleaning?

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  Plasma cleaning technology has been widely used in many industries, so why can plasma technology be widely used in so many industries? We have to talk about the role of plasma cleaning technology and the major industries, and let its products, quality, experience, yield and cost can obtain great benefits. So next, the editor of Seismic Instruments will take you to see what is the role of plasma cleaning?

What is the role of plasma cleaning?

  1. Surface cleaning: Plasma treatment can remove any foreign matter on the surface of the material, leaving an ultra-clean surface, making it more suitable for further processing.

  2. Surface activation: Plasma treatment increases the surface energy of low-energy surfaces, thereby improving their wettability and adhesion properties. Compared with untreated parts, the range of lap shear strength and peel strength can be improved. From 2 times to 10 times.

  3. Surface characteristics: If necessary, other surface characteristics can be introduced, such as liquid repellency or low friction.

  The above three points are the role of plasma cleaning. Don't look at it. These are only three points. This solves the pain points of many industries and solves a major production problem for many companies. After talking about plasma cleaning, we have to talk about the plasma cleaning machine of Zhenyi Co., Ltd. The plasma cleaning machine program of Zhenyi Co., Ltd. is widely used in the production process of various major industries and forms a professional with the coating and coating process in the glass industry. Complete supporting combination plan, expand the innovative plasma coating process and provide support to our customers until it is put into operation and achieves excellent results.

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