What is plasma cleaning machine ? Working principle of plasma cleaning

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  Plasma has three meanings of plasma, plasma and plasma gas through translated Chinese.When applied to plasma plasma cleaning machine, we will understand it as plasma and plasma gas. What is Plasma plasma cleaning machine ? Next, let Rogen answer you !

  Plasma plasma cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning equipment to improve the hydrophilicity, adhesion, dyeing, biocompatibility and electrical properties of its product surface, which is also called ' surface treatment cleaning machine '. Nowadays, the plasma plasma cleaning machine on the market is not only a single one, but is divided into several categories, such as atmospheric plasma cleaning machine, vacuum plasma cleaning machine, wide plasma cleaning machine, wide low temperature plasma cleaning machine and other series of products. These products can clean the substrate surface of the substrate at the same time, can activate the substrate surface, improve and improve the surface wettability and adhesion properties. Other surface properties can also be introduced, such as liquid repellency or low friction.

What is plasma cleaning machine ? Working principle of plasma cleaning

  After the plasma cleaning machine, so what is the principle of plasma cleaning ?

  Plasma cleaning is to remove impurities and contaminants from the surface by using high-energy plasma or dielectric barrier discharge ( DBD ) plasma generated by gaseous substances. Use gases such as argon and oxygen, and mixtures such as air and hydrogen / nitrogen. Plasmas are produced by ionizing low-pressure gases ( usually about 1 / 1000 atmospheric pressure ) using high-frequency voltages ( typically kHz to > MHz ).

  Plasma cleaning removes organic contamination through chemical reactions or physical ablation of hydrocarbons on treated surfaces. Chemically reactive process gases ( air, oxygen ) react with hydrocarbon monolayers to form gaseous products, which are washed away by continuous airflow in the plasma cleaner chamber. Plasma activation substances include atoms, molecules, ions, electrons, free radicals, metastable states and photons in the short-wave ultraviolet range. This mixture then interacts with any surface placed in the plasma.

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