If the product wants anti-fingerprint/anti-glare function, which coating solution is the most cost-effective?

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  In the real society, the application scenarios of various products are becoming more and more extensive, which is a big test to the production process, quality and experience of the products themselves. To this end, the major manufacturers also compete to meet the purchase needs of market consumers from different angles. After a long time of research and discovery, it is found that consumers pay more attention to the beauty and touch of the product itself, the majority of consumers.

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  Under these conditions, in-depth research has found that consumers prefer products that are clean, simple, tactile and not overly irritating to the eye over long periods of time. After determining the trend of consumption, major manufacturers began to study their own products and found that their products could meet these conditions, but compared with the market situation, they found that the homogenization of the market is also serious. No new breakthroughs have been made. In this case, further research shows that external factors should also be considered in addition to differentiation conditions that affect products.

  And it is under the consideration of external conditions, such as ordinary smart phones in the use of the situation, there will be a lot of fingerprint stains, so that consumers are very upset. The appearance of these stains on the screen and cover plate of a mobile phone can produce a lot of bacteria on the surface of the mobile phone, and there will also be clearly visible stains, which will affect the operation and display experience of the mobile phone, but also make many consumers use mobile phones with so many stains in public places, making them lose face. This is also a big reason for consumers to eliminate most products on the market.


  So in view of this fingerprint situation, manufacturers will continue to in-depth research, want to break this problem, after a period of exploration, or can not solve this problem, and then find the leading experts of anti-fingerprint coating equipment (seismoscope), for their own enterprises to develop high-quality anti-fingerprint coating solutions. The main body of this scheme is through the mobile phone glass cover plate, screen, mobile phone shell and mobile phone film and other products for anti-fingerprint liquid coating processing, and this coating layer is very thin, the naked eye is not detected, at the same time does not affect the appearance of the product body image. At the same time, the scheme of low coating cost, required less labor, high coating stability, high coating efficiency and high degree of automation, to a large extent to solve the market many manufacturers encountered fingerprint stains and other problems. Anti-fingerprint spraying coating equipment manufacturers, on the identification of seismograph shares.

  Now that the problem of anti-fingerprint stains has been solved, many manufacturers have opened many market channels and obtained more customers. At this time, many manufacturers market departments found that consumers now have high expectations for products, but also need to substantively solve customer problems.

  From the customer's point of view, after mining, it is found that today's glass display products, and some other bright surface products will appear reflected glare, and let the diffuse glare into the user's eye, can not see what they want to see, and then the product will produce a big gap in the hearts of consumers. If this problem can be solved, and then with anti-fingerprint scheme, it will occupy a larger market.


  Many manufacturers immediately found the leading brand in the industry (Seismograph) to consult how to solve the glare problem of the product. Experts from seismograph developed corresponding anti-glare spraying solutions, which perfectly solved the problem of manufacturers.

  After solving this problem, after further communication, the manufacturer slowly put their anti-fingerprint spraying and anti-glare into their products. The manufacturer asked: "If the product wants anti-fingerprint/anti-glare function, what kind of coating scheme is the most cost-effective?" , vibration instrument shares of the expert answer manufacturers: If you want the most cost-effective solution, it must be the integrated spraying equipment for anti-fingerprint and anti-glare spraying, and there are two integrated solutions. AF+AG1600-1600 integrated solution can meet the requirements of spraying large-size products, and both adopt advanced technology at home and abroad. It is commendable in terms of efficiency and effect. The size will be much larger, but also set cleaning, preheating, AG spraying, dry and AF spraying as one of the intelligent equipment. The smaller size is AG8000 solution, which also adopts advanced technology at home and abroad. The anti-fingerprint liquid spraying and anti-glare liquid spraying of the equipment can be sprayed at the same time, or can be freely converted to separate spraying, with higher flexibility and relatively small size of the equipment. If you want to realize anti-fingerprint and anti-glare functions as a whole, the integrated scheme will have higher cost performance and better product conversion rate, efficiency and finished product efficiency.

  Anti-fingerprint spraying/anti-glare spraying integrated solution, more cost-effective, consulting anti-fingerprint spraying/anti-glare spraying integrated solution, on the recognition of the vibration meter shares.

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