How do you measure plasma activity? What are the methods

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  Plasma is widely recognized for its versatility, and its technology in processing has been praised. Whether it is cleaning, activating, etching, or coating, plasma is relentless. Also because of this, plasma is in all walks of life has been applied, but the difference is for plasma processing requirements are different, so the plasma activity parameters have different requirements, on the basis of this requirement, how should we measure the activity of plasma!


  There are many methods for measuring the activity of plasma, and then the seismometer stock small series Rogen will introduce three methods for you to have three kinds of plasma activity:

  Test Method 1: Contact Angle/edge Angle

  The contact Angle refers to the Angle formed when the contour of the droplet is tangent to the solid surface at the intersection of three phases when observing the projection of the stationary droplet on the solid. By physical definition, surfaces with contact angles less than 90° are hydrophilic (wettable) and surfaces with contact angles greater than 90° are hydrophobic (non-wettable). The contact Angle is changed (larger or smaller) by plasma treatment. A hydrophilic surface can be converted to a hydrophobic surface by a suitable plasma process or coating in the plasma process (hydrophilic coating, the opposite effect).

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  Test method 2: test ink

  A measurement used to estimate surface energy: if the test ink accumulates in one place after being applied to a surface, the surface energy of the solid is lower than that of the ink, and if kept wet, the surface energy of the solid is equal to or greater than the surface energy of the liquid. The total surface tension of a solid can be determined by using a series of test inks with gradient surface energy. However, it is advised that this method cannot determine the polar and non-polar components of surface energy.

  Test method 3: grid cutting test

  To check the adhesion of the coating, a grid cut test is performed (standards: DINENISO2409 and astmd3369-02). After painting, cut the paint layers of the plastic parts into a grid. Next, standard tape is applied to the cutting grid, taped firmly and then snapped off again. If there is paint on the tape, it indicates that the paint is not adhesive enough. The cut mesh shows the adhesive strength of the paint layer on the plastic parts.

  The above is how to conduct plasma activity measurement and plasma activity measurement of the three methods, I hope these content is helpful to you, if you are more interested in plasma cleaning machine, please identify the seismometer shares, and contact us!

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