How to quickly identify whether the material surface has been treated by plasma?

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  Usually when we detect objects that have been treated by plasma or have not been treated by plasma, in order not to let identification too cumbersome, someone will ask whether it is possible to quickly identify the material surface after plasma treatment? Seismometer shares xiaobian tell you there are, and more than one. And with these simple tests, you can tell at a glance whether or not the plasma has been processed. Testing takes almost no time to complete. Then the seismometer stock small series Rogen will take you to understand in detail how to do a simple test!

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  Method 1: Pass the indicator label test

  A sticker is a specially coated film that can be placed directly in the chamber as a reference or affixed to a component. As long as the dark indicator point disappears, the plasma treatment has been successfully completed. However, indicating labels can also be used for equipment testing. In this case, the tag can be placed in an empty vacuum chamber and the plasma ignited.

  Method 2: through the ADP (plasma indicator) test

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  Plasma indicators are attached labels with special fabrics. If the plasma process is successful, the fabric dissolves. Attach this sticker to the component or model as required. It can be exposed to the plasma jet as a reference, and the indicator does not affect the actual plasma process flow or the component itself. During treatment, the fabric is damaged.

  Method 3: plasma indicator (metal compound) test

  A plasma indicator is a liquid metal compound that breaks down in plasma to give a shiny metallic surface to the surface of the plasma treated object. Droplets applied to the component itself, or to a reference sample, during plasma treatment convert to a shiny metallic coating on most surfaces, in sharp contrast to the original colorless droplets. Plasma produced in a golden sheen of the metal film, due to its reflectivity compared to the various colors of the object in the visual stand out.

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  It can be applied to any plasma equipment for any treatment purpose, whether cleaning, activation, etching or coating. Even after weeks or months have passed, these indicators can still tell whether your product or semi-finished product has been treated with plasma before.

  The above is to help you quickly identify the material surface is processed by plasma method, I hope to help you, please pay attention to us, if you are interested in plasma cleaning machine, plasma spraying machine, please identify the seismometer shares, and contact us as soon as possible!

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